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About Pink Rabbit
Pink Rabbit is made by MacTheKat. The site provides a wide range of clothes for all age group but toddlers. I try to make realistic down to earth kind of things for everyone. I also do recolours of objects and wall covers. In the link section you will find links to my tutorials and some really great other sims sites. I use designs from a number of source and designs by White Rabbit and Kaitealyn are featured here, but all the actuarial sims products are made by me.

All new updates can be found under news

Terms of use
All our products is shear-friendly - just make sure to give proper credit. You may include my work in sims packages if you want to. The same goes for me recolours and walls, that can be shipped with lots.
You may use my textures as long as you give credit and send me a note telling me that you are going to do it. I would really like to see the finished product.

Other info
If you want one of my t-shirts in another size - contact me and I will make it for you next time I open up BodyShop.

Suggestion is always very welcome. And if you have a request why not ask, I might make it for you.

If you are interested in helping me with the previews for the site and thereby getting your model on the site, then send me a mail - I can always use help.

Any questions can be asked either on my mail or in the guestbook

I hope you will enjoy your visit and will return before long



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